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Wedding in Clyde Alberta for Tanya & Tyler

August 15, 2009

It started as a typical Edmonton Wedding but that did not last long. 

Edmonton Disc Jockey Bride and Groom and Son

The Clyde Curling Rink is by far one of the hardest venues I have ever had to get my equipment into.  The only ramp into the build was at the front door which is 300 feet from where I setup for the dance.  So it is shorter to come in one of the side doors which is 8 inches off the ground and then there is a short deck around the curling rink on the inside that then goes down 8 inches.  This meant that I had to lift my equipment twice just to get it into the room.  Had I know that this was the case I would have brought some help with me.

Edmonton Wedding Cake


The girl that was building the wedding slideshow ran into a small problem that day.  She had just bought a new Mac PC and either she was not sure on how to run it or there was a problem with iDVD but she could not render the slideshow to any digital format or DVD.  Lucky enough she came to the hall early to see if I could help out.  The thing is, I know nothing about a Mac and she did not bring the monitor adaptor to connect the laptop to the projector we could not even run it directly from her machine. 

I then recommended that she transfer all the pictures to a memory stick and I would build the slideshow from scratch and hope that I could get it completed in less than an hour.  Long story short, I finished rendering the slide show 2 minutes prior running it and it went off without a hitch.  The bride and groom did the right thing by thanking the girl that built the slide show for building it and for the most part the guests had no idea that things went the way they did. 

Edmonton Wedding Bride & Groom

It was great to help out and make sure that this part of the evening went well.  There are very few people that could have made this all happen, and I am proud to say that being more than just and Edmonton DJ is what DJing is all about.  I have all said that more people need to do more than what is expected of them and on this day… I did just that.  The bride and groom later visited me to thank me and that was a great thing for them to do.

We then headed into dinner which was all homemade and was very, very well done.  Even though I only eat chicken or turkey there was more than enough even for me to be made happy.

DJ Edmonton Girl Dancing

Being an Edmonton Wedding DJ, I can not remember the last time I saw so many kids at a function.  This can be both good and bad depending on the night.  Good, because kids have a lot of energy and can get the party going but when it is bed time for the kids you then end up losing the parents as well.

We had a good start to the dance with a few good/solid 2-steps and some oldies.  Country weddings are usually better than Edmonton Parties and that is mainly because you get the hall for the weekend and you can therefore party well into the night.  Add in that there were a lot of the guests camped right there on site, so all they had to do was crawl home at the end of the night. 

Edmonton Bride & Groom Garter Toss

Bride & Groom Edmonton Bouquet Toss

By 1 am the party was a jumpin’ and everyone that was there was on the dance floor having a great time.    I ended up playing ’til 2 am and that is when the parents shut us down as they wanted to go home as it had been a very long day.

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  1. I want to thank you again for your services and coming to the rescue at the wedding. We truly appreciated it and I have been able to tell a lot of people already (word of mouth is the best :).

    Take care and talk to you later.

    Tanya & Tyler Sloan

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