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Michelle & Ryan at Woodvale Hall

July 10, 2009

A Friday Night Rocker!!! at Woodvale Community Hall.

Woodvale Community Hall Room

It is always enjoyable to be an Edmonton Disc Jockey at Woodvale Hall.  This Edmonton venue is more than just a community hall it is one of the best places in Edmonton to hold a wedding.  Add in the fact that Fong and his staff could compete with the staff at the Hotel MacDonald you have the best of both worlds; an afforable wedding venue and staff that work hard to make sure all in attenance are happy.

Edmonton Wedding DJ Bride and Groom

Michelle and Ryan went all out with the decorations in the room and this truly changed the look and feel of the room.  With a head table back drop right through to the chair covers and ties they turned this room into a beautiful place to hold a function.

Edmonton Wedding Head Table and Backdrop

Edmonton Wedding Head Table

One of the highlights was the candy table.  Instead of favours the bride and groom had a table of candy where veryone could fill there bag with what every treats they would like.  At times people were lined up 5 deep to get some treats.

DJ Edmonton Candy Table

Dinner at Woodvale Hall is always very well done and that night it was amazing.  There were so many things to pick from on the buffet line I needed a larger plate.

Speeches followed dinner and they were very well done.  This summer as an Edmonton Wedding DJ keeps surprising me as people are so very well spoken.  The other thing that has impressed me is that guests are dressing up again.  Blue jeans should not be allowed at almost any function, and on this night I don’t think there was a pair insight.

Weddings Edmonton Bride

Edmotnon Disc Jockey Groom

We then go the dance under way right after the slide show and I am always a little concerned about doing a party on a Friday night.  People have worked all day and have been awake since early that morning.  Saturday weddings allow people to sleep in and have a full set of batteries from the tiime they roll in the door.  The groom and bride again did it right.  They had an open bar, which allowed for the guests to cut loose and not worry about spending a huge amount of money on drinks as some venues are now charging $6 – $7 per drink.

All I can really say about the dance is WOW!!!  It was a great party led by the bride and groom that were on the dance floor a good chunk of the night.  We had a great time with everyone loving the songs they could sing along to and the classics.  The dance went until about 1:30 and everyone that stayed had a lot of fun.

Please take a look at some highlights of the Edmonton DJ Wedding.