Edmonton DJ

June 5, 2009

Being an Edmonton DJ is more than just playing music.  The University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine Grad was a win event for both client and myself.  I worked closely with the grad committee and was able to save them hundreds of dollars by providing the entire infrastructure for this event.  Doing an event of over 800 people is no small feat and this function had a few challenges.  Most Edmonton Events of the type generally cost the client more as they end up using multiple companies to provide all of the services needed.

Edmonton DJ Rig at the Shaw Conference Centre

Puttin’ on the Hitz is more than just an Edmonton DJ Company, we can also handle the production side of any event.  By providing the DJ Services and adding in the screens and projectors and a live camera to shoot the speeches allowed for the customer to do two big things.  First, they only had to deal with one company for all their production needs allowing them to make better use of their time.  There is less meetings and less confusion with no problems on the day of the function.  Secondly, the customer saved money.  Since we are already there for the DJing it made is far easier to provide the screens and projectors for this event.  As there is only one company traveling to the Shaw Conference Centre the cost to do the show was decreased.

Screens Shaw Conference Centre 2

We also tied in my computer to the video screens and we were able to show some pictures from the day in the background during dinner and we played music videos during the dance.  This added an extra touch to the party to give the guests something to look at as they enjoyed their dinner and for those that did not dance something to look at on the screens.

A special thanks goes out to the staff at the Shaw Conference Centre as they made sure both myself and the videographer (David Matthew Bonner) had dinner even though we had to eat off the back of my speaker stack as the organizers forgot to include us in the seating arrangement.

I cannot remember the last time this room ever looked so good.  Sheldon from Infinite Event Services did a great job of decorating the room and the seating areas next to the dance floor were a great touch that really made the room.

Shaw Conference Centre Hall D

Decorations at the Shaw Conference Centre

The speeches were very well done and everyone spoke like a pro.  I was very impressed with the speakers and add in the fact that they were very entertaining and not to long-winded made for a great formal end of the evening.

Speeches at Shaw Conference Centre

Speeches at the Shaw Conference Centre 2

Speeches at the Shaw Conference Centre 3

After the speeches we went into the dance and it started off like a wedding and it took it a little while to get off the ground but by about 12:00 AM it got going and we had a great time right until 2 am.  What surprised me the most was that they liked the older music more than the newer, with the big song of the night was Kylie Monogue – Loco-motion.

Please watch the video below for highlights of this function as an Edmonton School DJ.