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Nisku Wedding Disc Jockey at Red Tail Landing – Krista & Dan

August 1, 2009

The night the lights when out in Nisku.

Red Tail Landing Golf Course Leduc Wedding

When I rolled into the Red Tail Landing Golf Course that afternoon and was looking forward to hanging out with Dean and his gang.  It is always fun to come to the Red Tail Landing Golf Course as I have known Dean now for years.  It started out as a typical day and setup, and all went well and I was ready to go by about 5 PM.  By about 5:15 the clouds started rolling in with a little rain and that turned to a lot of rain and wind.  Right around 5:45 the power went out and did not come right back on, so we started chatting about things and said we would give it a little bit and see what happens.  Well, 15 minutes turned to 20 and then 30. The bride and groom arrived about that time and I said that decision needs to be made and I said “I think we need to get the ball rolling and see if we should get a generator.”  We made an announcement to the room and we got lucky.  A friend of the bride and groom had a welding truck not far away and a staff member for the Red Tail Landing called her dad and we had a second generator on its way. 

Edmonton DJ Services at RedTail Landing Golf Course

We ran my P/A off the welding truck and Dean and I ran lighting to the bathrooms and kitchen off the other generator and we were good to go.  Dinner was served by candlelight and everyone there took it in stride and dinner went off without a hitch.

Disc Jockey Edmonton Wedding Cake

I was a little stressed about the slide show as I have built hundreds of slide shows and have always been able to add in some pictures from the day and not getting my computer up and running until about 7 pm put this at risk.  Had it not been for the speeches being a little longer than normal I would have never made it.  The slide show finished rendering with about 3-4 minutes to spare and it was very well received by the bride and groom and their guests.

Head Table Backdrop Edmonton DJ Wedding

The power finally came back on about 9 PM to a thunderous applause.  I switched my rig back to the Red Tail Landing power and we started the dance.

Leduc DJ Bouquet and Garter Toss

Edmonton DJ Bouquet and Garter Toss

Even after being an Edmonton DJ for almost 10 years I can still be surprised.  I am not sure if there was something in the water or everyone came ready to have a good time or the power outage but this turned into one of the best parties I have every been a part of.  When everything comes together it is magical.  Add in the fact that the bride and groom were on the dance floor almost all night long help elevate this party into the stratosphere.  Everyone was dancing and have a great time all night long.  I thought some of them were going to cry when we finally pulled the plug about 1:30 AM.

Edmonton DJ Bride and Groom Wedding

To Dan and Krista:

It was great to be a part of such an awesome night.  Even with the power going out and challenges we faced early in the night you guys and your guests embraced these things and truly made the best of it.  From Mark and his welder and the staff member at the Red Tail having her dad bring a generator to Dean and I running the power to getting lighting everywhere it just came together. 

Your party was the success is was in part to you guys.  Thanks for thanking the chance with the slide show and add in the fact that you were on the dance floor set the tone and it was fun with the BINGO with the wedding party dance and I will sure to recommend this to other couples.

thanx again having me be a part of your SPECIAL day.


DJ “Jazzy” Greg

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  1. Thanks for everything on Saturday! We had an amazing time and you did a wonderful job! We got so many compliments about you and so many people said it was the best wedding party they have ever been too. Not to mention how many people were blown away by the slide show. So thank you very much!

    Krista and Dan

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