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Redtail Landing Ceremony & Wedding Reception – Kelly & Justin

August 2, 2009

Dollar for dollar, Pound for pound,  one of the best parties ever.

Edmonton DJ at Red Tail Landing Golf Course

I have been an Edmonton DJ for almost 10 years and this past weekend was the 1st time I have ever been in the same room 2 nights in a row.

RedTail Landing is a great place to DJ and even made better when you get to leave your gear there over night.  The day started out with an outdoor ceremony and the weather looked a little iffy but it all came together for a beautiful ceremony.  The highlight of the ceremony was when one of the bridesmaids sang during the signing of the registry. WOW!!!

Edmonton DJ Wedding Outdoor Ceremony at Red Tail Landing

DJ Edmonton Sevices Ceremony Kiss at Red Tail Landing

After the ceremony there was a short reception outside and by about 6 pm we were all back in the main room awaiting another great meal and RedTail Landing.  I have been to RedTail a few times and Dean knows I am a bit of a picky eater and made sure that a piece of chicken was BBQ’d up for me.  Thanks Dean, I don’t know of any other venue that works to make sure the venders are looked after.

DJ Edmonton Wedding Head Table

The speeches were extremely well done some of the funniest I can remember.

Edmonton DJs Speeches

We then went into the dance and earlier that day I was chatting with Dean and Steve and we were talking about how much harder it is to do parties that are under 100 people.  This party had a total of 62 guests and it was on a Sunday night.  We took a friendlybet as to the time the party would go to.  Steve said 11:30, Dean said 12:30 and I took 1 AM.  Boy, it sure feels good to be right.  The dance started out great and never let up all night.  We started with 60 people and ended with over 30.  Kelly and Justin loved to dance and Justin was on the dance floor more than Kelly, usually it is the bride that dances more than the groom.  The song of the night was “Kung Fu Fighting” and when the groomsmen were doing all the karate moves I was almost on the floor from laughing.

What surprised me even more was that fact that they were not big drinkers and just loved to have a good time.

Edmonton Wedding Highlights