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Edmonton Wedding DJ at the Denham Inn in Leduc

December 12, 2009 Wedding for Murielle and John

It might have been –46 degrees Celsius outside but the wedding was on FIRE!!!

As an Edmonton DJ I can’t remember the last time I was this concerned going into a wedding.  The weather can play a major role in a function but not tonight.

Denham Inn Screen & Projector Center Piece at Denham Inn

The Denham Inn in Leduc is a very nice location to hold a wedding as I have been here a few times before I was very familiar with this venue.  When I arrived to the venue, which was nice and early to allow my equipment enough time to warm up from the freezing temperature outside, I was very impressed as the how the room was decorated.  Murielle and John did a few things that I have never seen before.

Center Piece at Denham Inn

The first thing I noticed was the socks as favors.  This was a great touch as there was a story with the socks and the first date the bride and groom shared.  This was brilliant as it made things more personal and socks were favors that people could actually use.  At most weddings there are always favors left behind but not today.

Second was the game played during speeches… but I will get to that in a minute.

The bride and groom wanted to set a great tone for the night and by picking “Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feelin’” as their grand entrance song that definitely worked.  With aunty “M” getting married, everyone was very excited for her on her BIG day.

Pride and Groom at the Denham Inn

This was an advanced wedding for me with not only DJing the function but built my advanced slideshow with video interview.  This type of function puts a great deal of work on my plate but the rewards are well worth the effort.  The Denham Inn has a couple of limitations when it comes to what I do and with a slideshow being a big part of the evening the very low ceilings makes it very hard for all the guests to see the image on a small screen.  Since I had been here before and was aware of this limitation I brought as second screen and projector so that the projectors and screens could be placed at opposite ends of the room allowing for easier viewing for the guests.

Dinner was very well done and I really enjoyed the meal as it was a good home cooked meal that covered all the basics and then some.  Everyone really seemed to be enjoying themselves with lots of visiting and laughing around the tables.

Bride and Groom in Leduc

I cannot remember the last time I was this stressed at a function.  This was caused by a computer malfunction during the rendering of the slideshow.  Even though I am well prepared with a backup slideshow in hand, I like to add in a few pictures and video after the bride and groom to the hall into the slideshow and re-render the slideshow during dinner so that it is ready to go at the end of speeches.  Things were going perfectly until my PC got hung up and I had to exercise a hard reboot and then again render down the slideshow again.  This whole process took me until about 7:45 which would have been fine had I not made the mistake of not double checking my changes to the slideshow after the reboot.  Realizing my mistake after rendering put me in a big time crunch and I had to render the slideshow again for the 3rd time and the process takes about 40 minutes to complete.  We pushed the speeches up just a little and we were only delayed in showing the slide show by about 5 minutes.  The slideshow ended up going over in a huge way and at time the laughter was so loud that we almost needed to show it twice to catch everything the bride and groom said.  When you get a big huge from the bride you know you did a good job and that is exactly what I got from Murielle.

A big thank you goes out the their photographer.  Sonia allowed me to use a few pictures from the ceremoney and formals at the end of the slideshow which really blow everyone away as I was not at the ceremony or formals yet there were pictures in the slideshows from the day.  It is great when vendors work together for the good of the client as most people only have their own best interests at heart.  Sonia’s company is called PhotoArt by Sonia.  Thanks Again.

MC's at an Edmonton Wedding

Lets get back to the second thing I had never seen at a wedding before.  The MC’s were simply put… AWESOME.  They were very well spoken and creative and did there homework.  The highlight of the speeches was a game that was played with the bride and groom.  First the groom was blindfolded and several different women were asked to come up and give him a kiss (they were picked in advance) and the bride was also one of the kissers.  After the women kissed the groom he had to pick which one was the bride and boy when he guessed WRONG the roof almost came off the building with laughter.  One of the volunteers nailed him with a good kiss and that really throw the groom off the trail.  The bride then had her turn and was also blindfolded and the male volunteers came on up.  She had to squeeze the butts to see which one was the grooms.  This was so funny and they got more volunteers than that had planned for as lots of men want to have their butts squeezed by the bride.  What was even funnier was after she took off the blindfold she also picked the wrong man saving the groom from years of humiliation.

After the speeches and slideshow we quickly went into the first dance once the head table was taken down via the hotel staff to accommodate the dance floor.

Bride and Groom First Dance First Dance Wedding

There were only 2 special dances and we were off to the races with everyone in to mode to have a good time.

Even though it was one of the coldest nights ever in Leduc it was one of the hottest parties I have ever done. I thought for sure that the room would be empty by 11:00 as people would not want to be stuck out in the cold or worry about trying to start their cars.  This was not the case at all as everyone stayed, danced and enjoyed themselves.  At 1:00AM I still have 50 people in the room which was a total surprise.  A BIG thanx to Murielle and John for putting up with me and really taking it upon themselves to have fun and really enjoy themselves on their special day.

Please watch the video below for some highlights put together by Edmonton DJ.

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  1. Once again Greg’s done a fantastic job. Not only did he make our wedding day a truly special occassion enjoyed by all but this blog is a great keepsake and reminder of just how much fun everyone had.
    Thanks for all your hard work.

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