Edmonton DJ

Edmonton Disc Jockey for Amen Construction

December 5, 2009 at the Nisku Inn Edmonton

Nisku Inn Hotel

The Nisku Inn has 2 rooms (1 Bigger and 1 Smaller) and the smaller room seats about 120 people which was perfect for the Amen Construction Christmas Party.  The day began with a bit of challenge as it had snowed quite a bit through the night and with a little bit of wind led to some drifting which made it very difficult to get my trailer out of storage.  It is always important to give yourself a little extra time when it comes to traveling at this time of the year and today I really needed that extra time.

Nisku Inn Front Desk

To make matters a little more challenging, when I arrived at the Nisku Inn the front doors wore not working forcing me to load in a small side door that had a small step which was not helpful when it came to moving all of my equipment.

With all the small things happening I had just enough time to setup my show.  The doors opened at 5:30PM and I was ready at 5:20PM.  I have played in this room before and what was better this time was the placement of the dance floor.  It was right in front of my location which was exactly where I wanted it to be.  Last time the dance floor was about 20 feet from where my table could be placed.

Edmonton DJ Setup

With the weather causing everyone a few problems our evening ran a little behind schedule as we waiting for people to come.  Dinner started about 1/2 hour late which was just fine as the staff at the hotel rolled with the punches and worked around what the customer wanted.

Nisku Inn Room Setup

Dinner started about 7:30 and we had a little fun picking the tables based on who was dressed either in Christmas colours or had on festive attire.  The food was very well made and there was a very nice selection of items including porgies which are generally a crowd pleaser.  The only thing that would be a little better would have been using both side of the buffet line but only one side of the table was used therefore, taking twice as long to put everyone through the buffet line.

Nisku Inn Guests Nisku Inn Guest Table

Just after dinner the owner/president of the company said a few words about the past year and was looking forward to 2010 with new contracts coming up that will put Amen Construction in a good place next year.

INisku Inn Guest Table Amen Construction President

What I really like about Amen Construction is that they are not only colleges but friends and family.  Everyone gets along and is there to relax, kick back, and enjoy themselves.  As an Edmonton DJ I consider myself pretty lucky to do what I do.  It is a great honor to be invited back year after year by the same company.  I am lucky to work with companies like Amen as they are the reason I am still doing this and hope to be back next year… in Canmore.

A special thanks goes out to Lynn and Bob as they are great dancers and break the ice for everyone to enjoy themselves.  I wish they could come to every one of my parties as they have such positive energy and are genuinely great people.

Please see the video below for some highlights of the night from an Edmonton Disc Jockey.