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Fort Saskatchewan Wedding – Lori and Eugene

June 13, 2009

Lori & Eugene did a great job of decorating the Fort Legion, I can not remember the last time it look this good.

Fort Saskachewan Wedding DJ Legion

Being an Edmonton Wedding DJ has taken me to many small towns and those often prove to be some of the best parties.

Edmonton DJ Wedding Envolope Box

Fort Saskachewan Wedding DJ Bride and Groom

It was a great time, made better by the fact that there was people there that I new as friends or people that I had done weddings for in the past.

The speaches we very well done and even the little flower girl had some great words of advice for the bride and groom.

Edmonton DJ Speeches Brides Maid

Edmonton DJ Services Speeches Parents

DJ Services Edmonton Speeches Flower Girl

Edmonton Wedding Speeches Groom and Bride

The dance got going and it was a rocker.  Everyone willing to get out on the dance floor and have a good time.  The bridal party was reved up and led the way on the dance floor.  The party never stopped all night and would have went well into the morning but the venue pulled the plug and we ended on a high note at about 1 AM.

Please see some highlights with my very new Canon 5D mark 2 camera.  Lots of fun in the parking lot.

Edmonton Wedding DJ By Greg Pawlechko