Edmonton DJ

Edmonton School DJ for Leduc Junior High School

June 4, 2009

Leduc Junior High is one of my favorite places to DJ.  With the best staff I have ever worked with I consider myself lucky to be a part of their special events.  I am treated like family every time I am with the staff and students at Leduc Junior High.

This year’s grade 9 farewell was one of the best.  All the students showed up well dressed and ready to have a great time.  You can tell that this is a great place to go to school as the kids are very well behaved and I have no problems DJing there.


We began the night with O Canada that was performed by 3 very talented students that did a very nice job of our national anthem.

Leduc DJ School Grade 9 Farewell Proformance

The evening was hosted by two very well spoken students that did a great job of MCing the night.

Leduc DJ School Grade 9 Farewell Master of Ceremony

The Principle of the school, as always, did a great job of sending the students off and providing some great words of wisdom as the students get ready to head off to grade 10 next year.

 Edmonton School DJ Principle Speech

The evening was closed out with a great slide show that covered the entire school year and this year they moved from power point to a digital format that made for a very nice ending to the evening.

The Dance

The dance gets started and we start the night off with social dances.  This is one of very few schools that has dancing as a part of the phys-ed ciriculum and it GREAT.  The students all have to participate and right from the get go they are all on the dance floor having a great time.  From Fishin’ in the Dark to O Johnny they are all signing the words and having a great time.  What is funny that there are more kids on the dance floor for the social dance songs then when I was playing a request like Poker Face.

What suprised me the most about this time a Leduc Junior High as as the night went by the kids started asking for more of the social dance songs and when I played them they all go their partners and hit the dance floor.

 A big thanx to the teachers and staff at Leduc Junior High, I hope that more schools follow in your foots steps of doing more than the minumum.  Have a great summer and Looking forward to see you at Christmas.