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St. Albert Birthday Party DJ

A great party for some great friends.

Birthday Bumps        Birthday Party

Dancing the Limbo       Presents for a Birthday

The two easiest parties to do are family dances and kids birthday parties.   Turning 8 is great and having a dancing is even better.  Kids are great as they just want to have fun and have no inhibitions when it comes to doing just that.  All of the kids came to have fun and fun is what they had.

DJ Edmonton Setup

With all the lights and sounds you would find at a school dance we gave the birthday girl the full meal deal.  Add in all the classic songs you can think of from the Hokey Pokey to the Limbo you have the elements for a great party.  At the end of the dance there was a candy toss and the birthday girl opened all her presents to end off the afternoon.

Please see the video below for highlights of the day.