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Bridal Fantasy Edmonton

January 24, 2010

Bridal Fantasy 2010 at the Edmonton Northlands Agricom.

Video Highlights of the day.

There is a lot to say about Bridal Fantasy this year as there were a few surprises.

Derks Formals at Bridal Fantasy     Table Setup

Most noticeably was the decrease in attendance of the exhibitors as it was clear to me that there were less vendors this year compared to last. Add-in the fact two major vendors were missing from Bridal Fantasy goes to show either those exhibitors have not been happy with the results from the show or how the show is run. I have not spoken with River City Rentals or Elegant Touches but I do know that they both were in Bridal Fair 2 weeks prior but did not participate in this show.

Infinite Event Services at Bridal Fantasy      Bridal Fantasy and Infinite Event Services

It is hard to say if attendance numbers were as strong this year over last year as no numbers have been currently released. Most vendors I spoke with seemed to be happy with the show and felt the numbers were down slightly but no one was positive about that. Most exhibitors were a bit nervous going into the show as Bridal Fair on had one half the attendance they had in 2009.  As it turns out attendance was about the same as 2009 with about 50 more people attending this years show.  Bridal Fantasy did a good job of promoting the show via radio, TV and print advertising.  Add in the good weather which helps to bring people in the doors.

Bridal Fantasy Balloon Booth     Travel Booth at Bridal Fantasy

The other big challenge to Bridal Fantasy this year was the Agricom itself. With the renovations that have been taking place now for almost 2 years this venue has become disliked by both attendees and the public as you have to walk a great distance just to get to the main doors from the parking lot and another long haul down a long hallway to get to the exhibition halls. Add-in the fact that you had to pay $12 for parking and $20 to get in the door I am surprised anyone came to the show at all.

I must say that there were some very well done booths this year and people put allot of thought into making the most of the day.

Bridal Fantasy Fashion Show      Bride at Bridal Fantasy

This was the 5th time I have been to Bridal Fantasy and I was again disappointed with the fashion show. For what seems like 5 years in a row the Derk’s have used the same stage back drop/theme and even worse to me was the show producers used the exact same music. The fashion show truly lacked anything new and exciting and with such a changing world that we currently live in it was disappointing that there was no new energy brought to this part of the event.

Flower Girls at Bridal Fantasy     Groom at Bridal Fantasy

The BIG challenge I noticed this year at the show was a few companies pulling what is known as Bait and Switch. One DJ company inparticular took what is normally a $600 DJ package (at best) they then marked it up to $1195 and created a show special were they discounted the price by 50%. I can personally tell you that even their $600 package is not worth $600 not to mention $1200. As a DJ for almost 10 years I was shocked by this companies approach to marketing. If you consider a good DJ package to included 2 speakers on stands and a laptop with no lighting run by a DJ that may or may not have ever done a wedding before a good deal then you definitely got what you paid for.

All I can say is make sure your do your homework before you book any of your major vendors and never book anything the day of a wedding show. Go home after the show and do a little more research online to make you hire the right companies for what most people consider one of the most important days of their lives.

Groomsmen Fashion Show     Finale for Fashion Show

I have never personally been an exhibitor in this or any show but have helped out a number of vendors/exhibitors over the years with their booths.  What has always frustrated me the most is the end of the day when the mad rush occurs as everyone is trying to get done and their booths taken down as fast as possible. The Derk’s and Heidi really need to lay down the law with GES (the company that provides the tradeshow equipment for the show) and have them not lift a finger for one hour after the show ends to allow the vendors that paid at least $1400 to attend the show have the right-a-way when clearing the building. The staff of Goodkey Show Services were so inconsiderate that they began to roll up the carpet while there were still guests in the room and some of them with baby strollers. My apologies to GES as I cited them as the problem as it was their name I saw and some of the equipment at the show.  This was very disappointing to see and I was impressed that a few exhibitors, raised shit (excuse my French) and had Goodkey stop this work immediately.

All-in-all it was a good day and as a lot of competitors are very friendly with each other so it was a chance to visit and say hello to some great people that work in the Edmonton Wedding market.

List of Show Exibitors

A Beautiful Day – Planning & Decorating

A Chair to Remember – Planning & Decorating

ABC Weddings – Planning & Decorating

Artistic Creations Photography and Design – Photography and Videography

Avenue – Publications/Media

Beauti Control – Health & Beauty

Bed Bath and Beyond – Retail

Best Buds Flower Co. – Florists

Best Western Cedar Park Inn and Westwood – Wedding Venue

Bliss Wedding Consultants – Planning & Decorating

Bloom N’ Memories – Florists

Blue Sky Limos – Limo Services

Bridal Debut – Bridal Fashions

Browns Photography – Photography and Videography

Cakes by Janna – Cakes & Sweets

Coast Edmonton Plaza – Wedding Venue Location

Coral’s Design – Florisit

Crystal’s Bridal – Bridal Fashions

d’Lish – Catering Company

Derks – Men’s Formal Wear

Electrik Lemon Hair and Body Studio – Health & Beauty

Elegant Events – Planning & Decorating

Erik Hornung Photography – Photography and Videography

Fantasyland Hotel – Wedding Venue

Final Touch – Planning & Decorating

Flowers In The Park – Florist

Gemini – Bridal Fashions

Graham and Lane Florist – Flowers

Hilton Garden InnWest Edmonton – Wedding Venue

Holiday Inn Convention Centre – Wedding Location

In Motion Style Group – Health & Beauty

Infinite Event Services – Planning & Decorating

Instant Memories – Photography and Videography

Isagenix – Health & Beauty

Karisma Resorts – Wedding Travel

Kelly Redinger Studios – Photography and Videography

La Piazza Dasee – Florist

Mary Kay – Health & Beauty

Moby Disc DJ – Edmonton DJ for Special Events

Moores Clothing For Men – Men’s Formal Wear

Nickibeans – Cakes & Sweets

Notables – Stationery and Invitations

Photsmiths – Photography and Videography)

Picture That Photography – Photography and Videography

Pioneer Meadows Golf Course – Wedding Venue

Piotr & Megan Photography – Photography and Videography

PoGirl Productions – Photography and Videography

Sandals – Destination Lane

Sears – Retail

Shandro Photo – Photography and Videography

Sharaton 4 Points – Wedding Venue

Special Event Rentals – Planning & Decorations

Stella & Dot Jewelry – Bridal Fashions

Strathcona String Quartet – Entertainment/Musicians

Sweet Beginnings – Planning & Decorations

Table Charm – Retail

The Bay and Home Outfitters – Retail

The Bounce – Publications/Media/Radio Station

The Bridal House – Bridal Fashions

The Islands of the Bahamas – Destination Lane

The Last Detail – Planning & Decorations

The Papertree – Stationery

The Tuxedo House – Men’s Wear

The Westin Edmonton – Wedding Venue

To Be In Pictures – Photography and Videography

Transat Holidays – Destination Location

U Weight Loss Clinic – Health & Beauty

Uniglobe Geo Travel – Travel

Vigor Media – Photography and Videography

Weddingbells – Publications/Media/Magazine

Wedlux – Publications/Media

Whimsical Cake Studio – Cakes & Sweets

Yukon Brewing Company – Grooms Room