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Woodvale Hall Wedding – Michelle and Carlos

Wedding for Carlos and Michelle.

September 5, 2009 at Woodvale Community Hall in Edmonton

Black and white… done right.

Woodvale Community Hall

It was a beautiful September day where I was able to come back to one of my favorite places to play music.  Woodvale Hall is great venue with a easy load in and a very well designed and run location.  Add in some of the best staff in the city you have a winning location.  Bonuses are free parking and very easy to get to in the city of Edmonton.

Michelle and Carlos pulled out all the stops and did a great job of both holding the ceremony and reception in the same venue and decorating the facility. 

Woodvale Ceremony Setup

Woodvale Edmonton Ceremony

With a black and white theme that carried through the chair covers to the the napkins and even the cake. 

Woodvale Ceremony Edmonton

The ceremony was very well attended as there are usually empty chairs are most ceremonies but there was standing room only for this one.  The marriage commissioner was also very well spoken and entertaining.  He also got the guests involved in the ceremony.  I was one of the best ceremonies I have ever been to.

After the ceremony the room was flipped for the ceremony and that was all done in a very smooth and efficient matter and there was just enough time for me to transition from the ceremony to the reception.  As my show is one of the larger show in Edmonton I generally need about 2 hours to set it all up.

Woodvale Reception

Head Table View

The doors reopened to the guests about 5:30 PM and everyone was in great spirits right from the beginning and I could tell that we were in for a GOOD time.

Wedding Table

One other that was great about the room was that it was cozy.  There were just the right number of people for this size of room.  This is one of the most import factors when considering any room. For example, if you book a room that holds 400 and you only have 150 – 200 guests attending your party will, generally speaking, be less successful had you booked a venue that was well suited to the number attending. 

Dinner simply put was great.  Great selection and great quality and something for everyone.

Wedding Cake Picture

Dinner was followed by some awesome speeches that were very well delivered.  Everyone was very well spoken making the speeches, for me, the highlight of the night.

I have attended over 600 parties over the last 10 years as an Edmonton DJ and I can tell you one thing for sure and that is the better the front end of the night is… the better the back end will be.  With a great venue, food and people my job was made easy. 

The one that was can help a dance or kill it… is kids.  On this night there was just enough kids that increased the energy but not many where they are causing chaos.  We had the right balance on this night.

Kids Dancing

What can I say about the dance but… WOW.  It was a lot of fun right from the start and with the bride and groom there to enjoy themselves and take everything in led us to a great dance that at time had everyone in the room dancing. 

Dancing Wedding

Please take a look at a short video of the day highlights.

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