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Wedding at the Garden Valley Hall in Spruce Grove

Susan & Chad

August 29, 2009 – Garden Valley Hall Spruce Grove – Edmonton Wedding DJ

Little things can make a big difference!!!

Susan and Chad did a very good job of planning their wedding ceremony and wedding reception all in the same location.  It all started about 330 in the afternoon.  The hall was very nicely decorated and ceremony was held at the front of all which was changed over for the head table after the ceremony.

Garden Valley Hall 

The ceremony was officiated by a marriage commissioner who was very well spoken and had a few entertaining anecdotes.  The young flower girls stole the show as they played with her flowers during the ceremony.  I have been to more ceremonies than the average person and this was the first time I’d ever seen the groom kiss the bride and have his hands a little below the waist.  Everyone noticed this occur and erupted in applause and cheers.

Edmonton Wedding Decorations

The only thing that could’ve been a little better was the fact that the photographers were using strobe lights with wireless flash control that beeped every time they took the photo.  This is extremely annoying and distracting during the ceremony.

After the ceremony the room was converted to accommodate the reception.  There was a very simple buffet which then led into a very short formal end of the evening.  Speeches were short and sweet with the highlight being three relatives sang a traditional song to the bride and groom.

When booking any venue there are a couple of things one needs to pay attention too.  The first is lighting control.  As an Edmonton wedding DJ atmosphere plays an important role in getting people in the mood to party.  If the venue does not have proper lighting or dimmable fixtures like scones then you should seriously consider artificially lighting the room.  Garden Valley Hall has very poor lighting control.  The entire facility has fluorescent fixtures with no dimmable lighting.  Lucky enough as an Edmonton DJ I carry extra lighting with me and used it to light the parameter of the hall so we could turn off all of the fluorescent fixtures providing a better atmosphere for everyone to dance.

Edmonton Wedding Cup Cakes

The second, is air conditioning.  Edmonton weather in the summer can reach temperatures of over 30°C.  If you’re venue does not have air conditioning, generally speaking, your party will not be a successful as a venue with air-conditioning.  Simply put it can be hotter inside some venues than it is outside.  That was the case with the Garden Valley Hall as the kitchen door was opened as the cooks were preparing the meal and all the heat from the kitchen moved into the main room causing it to become hotter.

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Due to the heat and the lack of air conditioning it took a little while for this party to get going.  But what the doors open and the fans on by about 11 o’clock the temperature was a bit cooler than people have had enough to drink that they were ready to start dancing a little more.  Everyone was having a great time and we ended up doing a couple of karaoke songs throughout the dance which really added to the night as it was not the focus but was an add-on that created an even better party.

Please watch the video below to see some of the highlights from the Garden Valley Hall.

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